About Us

PuriFire Labs is a plastic purifying technology company.

Our lab work dates back to the R&D undertaken at Cranfield University since  2014. We have validated our technology in the laboratory and in the field and are now amplifying to commercial scale. 

industry machine steam

Our Vision

PuriFire Labs aims to solve the global plastic waste problem which threatens our planet and our way of life.  

Our vision is to establish a new industry standard that delivers exceptional performance, flexibility, and efficiency compared to existing solutions. We have an incredibly talented and entrepreneurial team who are passionate about driving change and reversing climate change and environmental impact.

PuriFire is supported by a global network of world-class advisors, mentors, and partners. We’re proud of our accomplishments and we’re just getting started. 


The Team


Founder and Chief Scientist

Dr. Matthew Pearce

International fish feed biologist, aquaculture nutrition and biomass processing for biofuels PhD.
15 years experience, 4 Patents pending.
Passionate about waste management and energy efficiency